14 MARCH 1941, Page 3

We are now a nation in arms, and the many

problems which affect the training and welfare of those in the three Services figured prominently in each debate. These are vital questions which go to the root of morale and efficiency. It is clear from the wider recruitment for Dartmouth, the preliminary training in the ranks for all Army officers, and the colossal response to the Air Training Corps (13o,000 boys out of an age-group of 750,000) that democracy has invaded the Services. This is not only right, but it will have valuable repercussions on the whole education system and on social life in this island. Again each Minister stressed the importance of Commonwealth and Allied co-operation. Here again the picture of an Empire in arms, and producing munitions and aeroplanes on a scale hitherto undreamed of, is likely to have far-reaching effects on world policy. The magnificent statement of the Prime Minister on the Lease-and-Lend Bill clinches the whole war-effort of democracy. * * * *