14 MARCH 1992, Page 30

Jailhouse rot

Sir: I am writing to you to put the record straight over Wilfred De'Ath's article on Dixon House which I must say was inaccu- rate on many points and offensive on oth- ers (`Confessions of a supergrass', 15 February).

For example, within the article one resi- dent was referred to as a child molester! Whilst people are entitled to their own groundless opinions, the paper had no right to brand Andy in such a manner. He was not and never has been a child molester.

The many and somewhat insulting refer- ences to certain members of staff within the hostel are, again, uncalled for and hurtful to those concerned. Apologies are in order.

In general, the staff in Dixon House do a thankless task. I personally, like many oth- ers, would be in prison awaiting trial if it were not for these people, many of whom give up some of their own free time to help those who have problems, not only with the law but personal difficulties as well.

It must be pointed out that many of the difficulties encountered by Mr De'Ath were self-inflicted. He failed to point this out in his piece, not surprisingly. He complained to staff concerning every little thing, whether it concerned him or not. He made no attempt, at all, to fit in, to what is, for everyone, a difficult situation.

Mr De'Ath's allegation that most of the residents are drug abusers is unfounded and inaccurate. Most of the residents do not have 'pot parties' in the hostel; if they did they would be in breach of their bail conditions, and hostel regulations, which would result in their removal from the hos- tel to HM Prison Winchester.

Bryan Hackett

Dixon House, 77 Trinity Street, Fareham, Hampshire