14 MAY 1831, Page 11

COLONEL FIT3C1a ,, Ncg. — A peerage, with the rank of ass Earl,

is to be conferred on Colonel Fitzelarence. The relationship ol' ibis gentle- man to the fountain of honour, united to his high attainments, moral worth, and professional reputation, entitle him to suth a mark of pa- ternal regard ; and the public cannot but rejoice that it will be con- ferred.— Times. EARL OF MUNSTER.—It appears from the Gazette of last night, that his Majesty has been pleased to confer on George FitzdareueO, Esq. Colonel in the Army, and to the heirs male of his body lawf,m lv be- gotten, the dignities of Baron, Visconut, and Earl of the United King- dom, by the names, styles, and titles, of Baron Tewkesbury, Viscount Fitzclarence, and Earl of Munster.