14 MAY 1831, Page 12



On the 8th inst. at Coolhurst, Horsham, the Right Hon. Lady ELIZALIET/I DICKINS, of a son. On the 8th inst. at Bromley Houee, the Lady SARAII MURRAY, of a son. On the 27th April, at Avranches, the wife of Capt. R. SAIIMAREZ. R.N. of a son. On the 11th inst. in Lower Berkeley Street, the Lady of T. W. Beam STUN, Esq. of a son and heir. On the 1st inst. the Lady of P. HESEETTI Farrar w oon, Esq. of Rossall Hall, Lancashire, of a daughter.


On the Otis inst. at Caine, Wiltshire, the Rev. C. II. GAVE, M.A. citrate of Christ- church, Blackfriars, to FRANCES, youngest daughter of the late W. Hopkinson, Esq. of Sutton, in the county of Northampton. 011 the 7th inst. at St. Michael's, Stamford, ROBERT DALY, Esq. of his Majesty's 14th Regt. to FaAe:ces, only daughter of Robert Richardson, Esq. of Barnsley, in the county of York. On the 10th inst. Marylebone Church, Gen. DALRYMPLE, of York Place, Port- man Square, to MARY AMELIA, eldest daughter of the late Roper Head, Esq. of Hermitage, Kent. On the 10th inst. at Wateringlowy, in Kent, Major 111Acteaaa of the 81st Regt. eldest son of Lieut.-Gen. Fitz Roy Maelean,f.Bart. to EMILY ELEANOR., fourth daughter of the Hon. and Rev. Dr. Marsham. On the 12th inst. at St. James's the Rev. C. J. PLUM E R, ALA. Vicar of Norton, and Cheplain to the Lord Bishop Of Durham, to Miss Tuomesux, of Stockton-upon; Tees, in that county.


On the 7th inst. the RCV. THOMAS VrAsss, of Radnor House, Twickenham, in his 64th year. On the 8th inst. at his house in Ely Place, ANNA MARIA, the beloved wife of George Macilwain, Esq. daughter ef the late Henry Jessup, Esq. and Bight Hois Lady Anna Maria Jessup, and niece of the late and present Earl of Stiathmore. On the 9th inst. at her house, 20, Bloomsbury Square, Mrs. 'Sunsets in her 92nd year. On the 9th inst. at Haveoholm Priory, Lincolnshire, Sir JENTSON WILLIAM GORDON, Bart. in his 84th year. On the 12th inst. In Park Lane, Harem fere, eldest daueliter of Sir C. Bethell and the Hon. Lady Codrington. On the 24th of Mardi, at Malta, ANT/I ONY, eldest son of Anthony Surtees, Esq. of Hamsterley Hall, county of Durham. On the 5th inst. Captain Thomas YOUNG, R.N. of Ramble, near Southampton, in consequence of the capsizing of Captain Bradby's yacht, by a sudden squall, near Browndown Point, between Portsmouth and liamble.