14 MAY 1831, Page 12


Tuesday, May 10.


WHEA.TLEY and ADTARD, Piccadilly, auctioneers - SEPIITO:a and BUT.LOCE. Liverpool, coal-merchants-Wm:Leo mid Co. Lower Thames Street, beer-dealers- GREEN and SENIOR, Wakefield, milliners-OVINGTOX and Co. Cheapside and Glasgow, warehousemen; as far as relates to \Prom a:s ox-Cartee a and Co. Leeds, haberdashers-T. and 3.11. 'fumy, EY, East Retford, Nottingbanwhire, booksellers- BEER and Co. coal-merchants-MAvenews and OALKIN, Cheater-le-Street, Dur- ham, nail-manufacturers-Warmer and BAR a ETT, Durham and Stockton-upon- Tees, woollen-drapers-BROADLEY and Co. Bread Street, silk.warehouserneo-W. L. and!. RIDDLE, Bristol, furnishing iromnongers-G. and S. B. Pete:, Plymouth,. linen.drapers.


SONGHURST, RICITARD, Budge Row, Watling Street, box and packing-case- maker, Slay 9.


GROW, THOMAS SLEATIT, Garnault Place, Clerkenwell, dairyman.


Bowesit, James, Bolton-le-Moors Lancashire. tavern-keeper, to snrrender May 24, 31, June 21: solicitor, Mr. Treherrs Cornhill.

COCK, S.AMUEL BRENT, Tooley Street, Southwark, provision-merchant, Slay 17. 20, June 21: solicitors, llessrs. Hutchison and Irneson, Crown Court, Thread- needle Street. COCKS LL, 'l'8 o1.45, Littletown, Yorkshire, dyer, May 18,19, June 21 solicitors. Messrs. Stangeways and Walker, Barnard's Inn; and Messrs. Stead and Dyson, Halifax, COPPING, GEORox, Tharst,pn, Norfolk, cordwainer, Slay 17, 31, June 21: Messrs. Clarke and Co. Lincoln's Inn Fields; and Messrs. Beckwith and Dye, Nitre ich.

DUNCAN, WILLtam, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, cooper, May 27, 29, June 21: -solicitors, Mr. Bell, Bedford Row ; and Mr. Cartwright. B.awtry, Yorkshire. GWILLIAM, GEORGE, Bristol, soap-boiler, May 20, 21, June 21: solicitors, Messrs. Adlington and Co. Bedford Row ; and Mr. King, Bristol, Lowe, JOHN, Chetwyncl-Aston, Shropshire, maltster, May 26, 27, June '21: solicitors, Messrs. Heming and Baxter, Lincoln's Inn Fields ; and Mr. Stanley,


M 0 teroN, MATTHEW, Kermingbam, Cheshire dealer, June 3,4, 21: solicitors, -Messrs. 31ilne and Parry, Temple ; and Mr. 1,Vafins ley, Dimple, Stockton.

RICKAUY, CHARLES Great Suffolk Street, Southwark, cheesemonger, May 20, -June 3, 21: solicitor, Dlr. Lechmere, Staple Inn. Ron sins, WI LLIA st, Leamington Priors, Warwiaksbire, victualler, June 1, 2, 21 : solicitors, Messrs. Platt and Hall, New Boswell Court, Lincoln's ; and Messrs. terso and Russell, Leamington Priors. TAYLOR, ROBERT, Bristol, builder, May 26, 27, :rune 21 solicitors, Messrs. Poole and Co. Gray's Inn Square ; and Messrs. Cornish and Son, Bristol.

Wis WOULD, LEONARD, and Du NCAN, Gainsborovgla Lincolnshire, carriers, June 3, 4,21 : solicitors, Mr. Spike, Elm Court, Temple ; and Mr. Wells, Gal naborough.

WiswooLD, LEONARD, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, goo-maker, May 27, 29, June 21: solicitors, Mr. Bell, Bedford Row ; and Mr. Cartwright, Ilawtry, York- -shire.


May 31, J. and It. A. Browning, Belvidere NVIlarf, Waterloo Bridge, timber-mer-

chants-May 31, Bowen, St. Alban's., surgeon-May 31, Cross, Croydon, grocer- May 31, Tress, Bishop's Stortford. Hertfordshire, grocer-May 31, Wainwright and Cu. Cateatou Street, woollen wareboasemen-May 31, Heighington, Sheffield,- wine- merchant-May 31, Birks and Co. Newcastle-under-Lyne, silk-throwsters-May 31, George, late of Park Street, Hanover Square, milliner-May 31, R. and F. Tucker, Tower Royal, wholesale stationers-May 31, Walter, Woodford, Essex, victualler

-May 31, Smallman, Basinghall Street, Blackwell-hall factor-May 31, Leigh, Oundle, Northamptonshire, grocer-May 31, Stodart, Somers Terrace, master :mariner -a3lay 31, Heylyn and Connop, late of Coleman Street, dyers-May 31, Smith and Co. King Street, Cheapside, hosiers-May 31, Mumford, Kennington Cross, coach-master- May 31, H. Wylie, Bank Chambers, merchant-May 31, Wilmot, Beet:ford Row, Walworth, coal-mien:I:ant-May 20, Campbell, White Lion Court, Conthill, merchant-May 31, Anderson, Great St. Thomas Apostle, surgeon -June 3, Young and Glennie, Budge Row, merchants-June 1, J. and W. Nevill, Wigan, Lancashire, manufacturers-June 13, Wharton, Baston, Cheshire, fanner. CERTIFICATES,

To be grant ed, unless cause he shown to the contrary, on or before May 31.

D. and P. Jackson, Manchester, carvers-Norris and Hodgson, Manchester, cot- ton-spinners-Etheridge, Broad Street, St. Giles's, grocer-Stott, Bishopsgate Street Without, oilman-Singleton, Halifax, Yorkshire, linen-draper-Shepley, Haytield, Derbyshire, cotton-manufacturer-Gorki:ill, Wadebridge, Cornwall, money- scrivener - Haywood, Ramsgate, innkeeper - Ion, 'Great Musgrave, Westmor- land. in nlweper-Young, Leeds, merchant-Yates and Co. Cleckheatcn, Yorkshire, clothfactors.


LAI an, 301IN, Johnstone, grocer, May 16, 31.

Friday, May 13.


GRAFTON and Co. Birmingliatn, paper-merchants-J. W. and E. Tonna:, Bristol, manufacturers of acetic acid-lin YNIX G and HAeNET, Preston, ironmongers- A LEXANDER and DIonGAN, Corsham, Wiltshire, surgeons-BoWEa and TRos a- Env, Levenshuhne, Lancashire, cotton- spinners-lloorE it and Co. Westbury, Wiltshire, and Frome-Selwood, Somersetslure, bankers; as far as regards J. WEST --MEDI) and Swi NBANE, Kingston-upon-Hull, spirit-merchants-GnAtiw ELL and Co. Newton Heath. Lancashire, silk-printers; as for as regards J. HEALD-Ito- BE RTS ox and Anus:sox. Glasgow, stationers-KNAPP and EARLE, Winchester, coal-merchants-A is al slat os:c and HARLOW, M anehester, woolleu-drapers-GLA s s BROOK and WOOD, Manchester. Milliners-BEAK and METFORD, liathwick, Somersetshire, mealmen-D. G. and J. CuRRIE, alerthyrnaltill, Glainorganshire, drapers-BRADSIIAW and WEST, Leman Street, Goodman's Fields, sieve-manu- facturers-IVIIEELER and PA IINALL, High Street, Newington Butts, drapers- ramt v and Co. Rainhill and Liverpool, glass-bottle-manufacturers-Jonasoar and Wont), Wood Street, Cheapside, warehousemen-J. and J. PA LIN, Chester, grocers -GAITSKELL and Co. Rotherhithe, Surry, surgeons ; as far as regards C. V. FIELD -3I., W., and J. IlAaRts, Esclushmn, Denbighshire, paper-manufacturers.


OL1Z MAN, JANIES, New Sienford, Lincolnshire, victualler.-May 11. OWEN, T11031AS, Fore Street, Crinnleeate, oilcan:leer, May 13.


ADAMS, JosErn, Birmingham, victualler, to surrender May 19, 20, June 24. soli- citors, Messrs. Chilton and Son, Chancery Lane ; and Mr. Benson, Birmingham. ALLEN, WILLIAM, Arundel Street, Strand, cheesemonger, May 27, June 3,24: solicitors, Messrs. Osbaldestou and Morrity, London Street, Fenchurch Street.

BEETLEs, WILLIAM, and KEEN, WILLIAM, son. Powell Street, and John's Row, St. Luke's, builders, May 17 24, June 24: solicitor, Mr. Chambers, Finsbury circus. CtIANDLER, THOMAS, Bristol, coach-maker, May 26. 27, June '24: solicitors, Messrs.Poole and Co. Gray's Inn Square; anti Messrs. Cornish and Son, Bristol. EAMES, WILLIAM, IA, Fulham Bridge Yard, Knightsbridge, horse-dealer, alay 17, 27, .71Ine 24: solicitor, Mr. Carlon, High Street, 31arylebone. FULLER, TuomAs, otherwise THOMAS CARTWRIGHT FULLER, Tooley Street, Southwark, chandler, May 17, 27, June 24 : solicitor, Mr. Hartley, New Bridge Street, Blackfriars.

HENRY and .Tonst, Newark, Nottinghamshire, printers, May 30.31, June 24 solicitors, Messrs. Milne and Parry. Temple and 3Ir. Lee, Newark-upon-Trent. HOPKINS, Jon, St. John Street Road, brush-maker, May 17, 31, June 24 : soli- citor, Mr. Lawledge, N.:legate Street. JACEsoN on N and WILLIAM, Strand, stationers, May 20, June 3, 24: solicitor, Mr. King, Lyon's Inn. LUCAS, SAMUEL, and SHORE, Sonar, Beer-Ferris, Devonshire, refiners, June 1,2, 24: solicitors, Mr. Smith, Basinghall Street ; and Dlr. Husband, Devouport.

MAcNIN, DAVID COHEN, Philpot Lane, Fexichurch Street, merchant, May 24, 31, -Tune 24 : solicitor, 3.1r. Holt, Threadneedle Street.

MAR s HALL, TII0MAS; Kingston-unon-Hull, merchant, May 26, 27, June 24: soli- citors, Messrs. Lightfoot and Earnshaw, ; and Mr. Knowles, New Inn, SANSOM, PHILIP, and Runs THOMAS, Lombard Itrect, bankers, May 31, June

17, 24 : solicitor, Mr. Lovell, RILES, Square, Grayas I tin, SPENCER, Fact:Eaten, Leeds' druggist, May 211,21, June 24: solicitors, Messrs. Hardwick and Guest, LawrenceLane ; and Mr. Lee, Leeds.

TH o PSON, JOHN, Catterick Bridge, Yorkshire, blacksmith, May 24, 25, June 24: solicitors, Mr. Williamson, Gray's Inn Square ; and Mr. Maddison. Richmond.

YATES, \Varies it, Tnnstall, Staffindshire innkeeper, June 10, 11, 24: solicitors, Mr. Smith, Basinghall Street ; and Mr. Harding, Burslem, Staffordshire Potteries:.

WARDELL, HE:en v,juit. Old Gravel Lane, wine-merchant, May 20, 31, June 24; solicitors, Messrs. Birch and Garth, Great Winchester Street.


June 3, Cramp and Crowdy, Foster Lane, Scotch and Manchester warehousemen -June 3, G. IL, J. G. L., and G. D. Trimbey, Watling Street. merchants-June 14, Hughes, Basinghall Street, Blackwell-hall-factor-June 7, Sidfortl, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, linen-draper-June 3, Tallent. Dickleburgh, Norfolk, linen-draper- June 3, Mill' s Nelson Street, Greeecvich, lineindraper-June 3, Bloxam and Co. Gracechurch Street, bankers-June 3, Burt, Christchurch, Surrey, farmer-June 3, Cooper and Reader, Dartford, brewers-June 3, Hamper, High Street, South- wark, hosier-June 3, Fossiek, DIumforil Court, Milk Street, Cheapside, ware- houseman-June 3, Shears, Friday Street, Cheapside, silk warehouseman-June 3, Applegath, Stamford Street, Lambeth, printer-June 6, Rigby, Ashton-under- Lytle, Lancashire, cotton-spinners-June 3, Collett, Cheltenham, grocer-June 6, Perceval, Bruton, Somersetshire, silk-throwstev-June 4, Wheeldon, Manchester, cabinet-maker-June 3. Travis and Stopford, Audenshaw, Lancashire, hat-manu- facturers-June 6, Pritchard, Bath, upholsterer-June 6, Dean, Nottingham, ,grocer.


To be granted, unless cause be sbown-to the contrary, on or before June 3. Byrne, Trinity Place, Charing Cross, army-agent-Jackson, Brighton, cabinet- maker-Watkins, Limehouse Hole, mast-maker.

SCOTCH SEQUESTRATIONS. HODGE, DAVID, Edinburgh, leather-factor, May 19, June 1. RAILTONj GEORGE, Glasgow, bardware-merchant, May 17, June 1.