14 MAY 1831, Page 17

AUGUSTUS LAPONTAINE.—This IllOst fruitful of modern romance writers died at

Halle, in Saxony, on the 20th ult, in the seventy-first year of his age. He was born at Brunswick, studied divinity in the first instance, and then undertook the education of General Thadden's children ; and, in 1789, became chaplain of a Prussian regiment, which he accompanied in 1792 in the campaign against France. After the peace of Basle he retired to Halle, where he has lived ever since on a pension granted to him by the King of Prussia.

Tim CROSS Or THE LEGION coo Hououn.—The decoration of the Legion of Honour, it is said, is to be bestowed upon several distinguished fo- reigners and, among others, upon Sir Walter Scott, Goethe, Cooper, Sismondi, Berzelius, B. Cormenbach, Sir Astley Cooper, and Thorwald- sen.—Le Voleur.

TURKISH VIEWS OP COHMERCE:A letter dated Smyrna, 6th April, says—" The system of government monopoly appears now to be ex- tended to opium, silk, oil, valonea, madder roots, sheep's wool, mo- hair yarn, white goats' wool, being all the important articles of pro- duction in this country. The object is to force the producers to deliver their produce at a very low price to the Government agents, who will sell to exporters at a high price. The ruinous consequences to the country are of course very evident ; there will be decrease of production and of consumption of imports. The subject is most important to trade, but we do not hear of the European ambassadors at all interfering." [We. much question whether the European ambassadors know anything about the injury it is calculated to had.] TRAVELLERS' SToens.—According to a recent traveller, fat sheep are so plentiful in the Brazils that they are used as fuel to feed their lime- kilns.—Globe.