14 MAY 1831, Page 19

We are indeed living in an age of reform !

The rapid steps which we are making towards the abolition of ancient absurdities . and the establishment of rational views, is so great, that we should not be surprised at a harvest of the perfectibility-mongers spring- ing up to mar all with their poor theories and extravagant expec- tations. It is always observed that the finest field of wheat runs the greatest chance of being smothered by the poppies ; which are the precise emblems of the perfectibility-men and other visiona- ries—bright in colour, domineering in height, and useful for.no. thing but their power of sending to sleep. We have at last a school and college Wok of Mythology, divested of the indecencies, atrocities, and vulgarities for which these compilations have been distinguished, and which is, more- over, philosophical, instructive, and rational. Mr. KEIGHTLEY, the author, is a man of great industry, ingenuity, and learning; and we trust his work will put to flight the works which are at present established in our schools by the very same men who, as members of the Society for the Suppression of Vice, would prose- cute them to-morrow, if they did not happen to be stamped with the counterfeit mark of classicalness.

We not only recommend Mr. KEIGHTLEY'S volume as a stan- dard school-book, but as a rational and highly amusing picture of Grecian theology, for the instruction of the general reader.