14 MAY 1831, Page 21


THE most beautiful of the group before us is an exquisitely finished mezzotint by COUSINS, after LAWRENCE, of the "Countess Grey and two of her Children :" it is a perfect gem of art, and of the most bril- liant water. The faces, which are of miniature size, have all the deli- cacy of stipple, while the drapery has the depth and rich softness of mezzotint. It is quite unique in its way. There are also mezzotint portraits of the Honourable David Cathcart, Judge of the Court of Ses- sion, in his singular costume ; of Bonington, after Mrs. CARPENTER, by QUILLEY ; of the late Dr. Young ; and of Lord Durham, after LAW.. ass:cc—the latter, by TURNER, is one of this engraver's best works ; of Lonsdale, the portrait-painter, also by TURNER; and of Fuseli, by Lim's, after a characteristic sketch by NEWTON. In Lithography there are several sketches by W. SHARP, portraits of Mrs. Arbuthnot and Earl Grey, after J. ITAYTER ; of a daughter of Lady C. Bury, and of the Rev. Mr. Judkin : all of these, we perceive, are printed by the artist himself, and the last is a very excellent specimen of his ability in this respect, being clear, rich, and forcible. In some of the former he has not succeeded equally well, but he merits great praise for his industry and ingenuity. A bead of Paganini, thevonder • for whose arrival John Bull is all agape, even in these times of RefOrm,-is a reduced copy, by Mr. SHARP, of the large French- lithograph by GREVEDON, and is very clear and bright : this, however, is not printed by the artist. We recommend him to copy the • French portraits of Lablache and of Taglioni, on the same scale.