14 MAY 1831, Page 21


MESSRS. HARDING. and LEPARD reopen to the public on Monday, at their house in Pall Mall, this most interesting exhibition, upon the same liberal plan as heretofore ; the admission being by tickets, gratuitously distri- buted on application the day previous. We attended the private view; and, in addition to the old favourites, which not only repay but invite frequent inspection, we were gratified with the sight of several new portraits, to the number of nearly thirty, and which are likewise en- graved for the new series of Lodge's Illustrious Portraits. The spirited publishers—whose exertions have been rewarded with great encouragement from the public—are about to publish another edition of this beautiful and truly national work ; for which an entirely new set of plates is to be engraved, in the same style of excellence as distinguished the last. The first Number will shortly appear. In the mean tune, we shall take an early opportunity of making a more prolonged visit to the exhibition, and of giving some account of the pictures. At present we have only space to recommend it to the notice of our readers.