14 MAY 1831, Page 5

We mentioned last week the report of a severe check

sus- tained by the Poles. Subsequent arrivals have confirmed the in- telligence. General SIERAWSKI had lingered .too long on the second advance of DIERITSCH, and got engaged with a corps of the enemy nearly four times as numerous as his own. He suf- fered severely. This check only served to rouse afresh the zeal of the capital. A new Me du pont was constructed at Praga, and a second wall was thrown up to defend Warsaw. On the 27th, the Comdfander-in-Chief arrived there, after a harassing retreat. The Russians, however, were unable to pursue the Poles beyond Dembe Wielki, where they could not procure even a little straw for their horses. The Balkan-crosser has again been com- pelled to retrace his steps, pursued and beaten in his turn; and SKRZYNECKI has resumed his former position at Kostrzyn. From every other quarter of Poland the news is equally favourable.

The cholera, which has for some time raged among. the Russians, has unfortunately extended to their brave opponents; but its symptoms are said to be milder in form.