14 MAY 1831, Page 6

Tim. Km: AND Ins Coun.T.—Their Majesties arrived in town on

Monday about half-past one o'clock. In the evening of the same day the Queen gave her second state ball, the arrangements of which were, in every respect, the same as those of the ball given in honour of the Dutchess of Gloucester's birth-day. The Royal Family retired to the supper-rooms at one o'clock. The King, who acts on the good old rule of "early to bed, early to rise," did not revisit the dancers; the Queen did not quit them until half-past three. On Wednesday, the King held a Levee, when theffollowing presen-

tations took place:—

mandant West KentYeconanry Cavalry, borough.

The Rev. E. A. Waller, by his father, Sir by Vice-Adm. Tollemacl:e.

Lord Yarborough, Lieut.-Col. Command- Malta, by Visct. Goderich.

by Lord Brownlow. valry, by the Earl of Winchilsea. Mr. Jarrett, by Sir W. Waller. Capt. G. Palmer, on being appointed to Archdeacon Hawtayne, of Bombay, by the command of the West Essex Yeo-

the Lord Bishop of London. manry, by Visct. Maynard.

Capt. T. It. Coryton, Royal Marines, by Lieut.-Col. the Hon. E. Stopford, Scots

Bp. of Sodor and Mann, by Ld.Goderich. the Earl of Courtown.

Hon. R. P. Arden, on his marriage, by the Maj.-Gen. Sir T. Reynell, Bart. on his

Sir M. Tierney, Bart. on being appointed of Armagh.

Sir B. Leighton, Bart. on coming to his Sir Thomas Hardy, Bart. K.C.IL on his promotion, by the Mar. Camden. Capt. Tollemacke, Cheshire Yeomanry, W. Waller. Col. Sir F. Hankey, on his return from ant North Lincoln Yeomanry Cavalry, Capt. Rice, East Kent Yeomanry Ca.

Visct. Sidmouth. Fusileer Guards, on his marriage, by Knight Commander of the Royal Capt. Hancock, C.B. R.N. on his return Gnelphic Order, from the Continent, by Rear-Admiral , Mr. Haldfax, Suffolk Yeomanry Ca- Bart. valry, by the Duke of Grafton. Lord Crans',2.:111, by the Lord Chancellor. Mr. Wahlie, by the Earl of Mint:). Sir. T. Teetdate, Solicitor to the Trinity Mr. A-Jocelyn, by General Taylor. House, b Capt. Woolf:lore.

by Visa. s;thoolith. Taylor.

Rev. J. afonson, on his reappointment T. Bradford.

Ordinary, by L.rd Monson. 'Mr. D. Coiton, Receiver of Dues Tri pity the West I a cliss, I:y Vk. Gaderich.

Hoose, by Capt. Woolmoro. Hon. B. Simpson. I 7 I I

Sir It. Gn ly, thy the Earl of Errol. Rev. Dr. Penrose, by the Dean of Chi- Captain Doncan, R.N.

SirJ. 1-111p1-1sy,by the Vice-Chamberlain. by Sir T. !lardy.


by Capt W oohnore. point meet 't o Gi braltar, by Lord Lch Porenester, by the Earl of Carnarvon. Mr. Creevey, by Earl they. Mr. Hall ifaK, by,the Duke of Norfolk. Mr. Basset, by Lord do Dunstan and Warrington. John Maclean. Sir J. Gerard, by the Mar. of Hastings. Co!. Onslow, by Major-Gen. Sir

Dr. Skey, Deputy Inspector-Gen. of Hos- Wheatley.

pnals, on his return from Canada, by Cal. Payile. by Sir II. Taylor.

Doliis, by Sir R. (Away. Hill.

Rev.R. L. Freer, by Visor Iialmesdale. Lieut.-Col. Moir, by Sir W. lionstoun.

Mr. Tn oal:Lain, by the Mar. of Ely. 21ajt,;-iin. Waters, on his appointment Gordon.

Lord 1011. J. Buohar.

Mr. S. Grmons by Sir .T. Shelley.

• 11Ir 1 o Read', Copt. in the eeieee. Yeo- appointed I. cow:natal.

11111-y, by a G

the Earl of lasgow. Gen. Sir G. Drummond, by Visct. Strath. Duke of Gordon.

Admiral Drumniond.


Rey. P. Sullivan, by Sir C. Sullivan. Capt. G. Miller, by Lloot.-Gen.

of D by r. Sloath. Roy. W. S. Phillips, by Lord Boston. Capt. .1. Lccioli, by sir '1'. Hardy.

1111'. B. G ii. ii, by Mr. t: urchin. Capt. Corytoo, 1:y Vis. Sidmenth.

Dlr. Leigh, by sir 0. Mosley, Bart. Conn G. C. :17 anshal!, by Lord Vernon: tuary. Col. Keine.

Mr. Brummell.by his Royal Highness the Lieut..Col. lioliowity, on his return Rey. If. Fuedeil, by the Provost of Etoo. Gen. sir A. Bryee. Mr. IIIIitmhy, Gentleman of his illujesty's Lieut. Shia!, by R. 7.:1`Farlane.

air. F. by lite Dube of I). Pdeley, .iLN. by Captain Mr. Maud, iiV Lord St. lideng. Itas:ard. U.N. litiseIl. by Is father, the Right Hon. air. 11.2.4. I S. G.11

Fthe, by the Earl of Macclesfield.

Mr. J. W. Sutherland, on his being op. Ens. It. li IIIITIOilltMent to

Capt. Hayman, Trinity House, by Capt. return from Jamaica, by Lieut.-Gen.

Mr. F. C. Brooke, by Lord Saltoun. Ens. Brickenaon, 21st Reg. on obtaining


:Air. Holton, on his reappointment as his commission, by Gen. the Earl of

Constable of Lancaster Castle, by Ld. Cavan.

Capt. S. Clarke, Trinity House, by Capt. the 111th Itegiment, by the lion. Lieut.-

We.lmore. Gen. Meade.

:Hr. W. Smith, by Lt.-flen. Sir H. Taylor. Capt. Yonng and Coot. Dawson, Tr- S ir. Gordon, hy the Earl of Albemarle. tiny House, by Capt. Woohnore. • Thistletinvaite, by Lord de Duostan- Capt. Glover, lith iuuetts infantry, by

vine. Lient.• Col. T. DJ. F. emith.

Mr. It. A. Brown, by Lord Kodnoy. Capt. Aibutimet, lion. Company's Ser. r. Coaa, by Turd Petro. vice, by Vice-Adm. Sir it. W. Ottway. Capt. Peliy, Trinity House, by Capt. Adm. Taylor, on his return from abroad.

Mr. C. (haven, by Mr. L. Peel. Aid-tle-camp, iv Sir V:. Boustoun. :Mr. Teamant, by Vice-Ad. S ir It. Otway. Mr. J. H. Leith, i,y Slr 0. Mosley, Bart: .5tr. Milford, by Lord Bathurst. 11.1r. T. 0. Gasci•igne, 1:y the Lord in

Dlr. Custanee, by the Earl of Orford. waiting. title, by Admiral Sir W. Hargood. Mr. A. Fountaine, by Sir W. B. Folkes,

Cont. Greville, by Capt. Sir G. Seymour.

Mr. IT. Iticketts, by Viscount tioderich.

Sir W. Cur; is, Oil being appointed a 1Te- Mr. S. Dipby, by V it:e-Ad. Sir H. Digby. puty Lieut. tif LIIL. county of Middlesex, Mr. Marchison, b; Lieut.-Gen. Sir IL The Rev. C Glyti, 'M.A. by his father, Sir Lieot.-Col. Sir II. Pun, Brigadier-Gen. It. Glyn. Portuguese army, by Lieul.-Gen. Sir

as one of his Mabosi y's Chaplains in Mr. It S. titre:el:old, by Lord Deere. Captain Corry, R.N. on his return front

.ty :ar.mrough.

Itey. Sir C. Hardiage, Bart. by the Right Mr. J. R. Math:, by the Earl of Rosslyn. Hon. Sir H. liardinge. Sir G. Wood, by Lien/A:en. Wetherall. Captaiu J. H. Tail, R.N. by the Hon.

chester. Rear-Admiral Parker, on hoisting his flag, stay. F. Painter, Rector of Alcester, Captain Hardinge, by Sir II. Harrlinge. Warwick-lire, by Sir G. A. West- Rear-Admiral Boyle, on his promotion, by the Earl of Cork. Major North Lincoln Rear-Adm. inanby, by the Ld. in waiting. Yeomanry Cavalry, by Earl Brownlow. Gen. Sir H. \Coro o, on his appointment Hon. G. Germaine, by the IT. of Dorset. to the 31st ltt. by Sir A. Barnard. Mr. '1'. Herbert, Secretary Trinity House, Lieut.-Gen. Sir W. Houston, on his ap- .

Mr. J. Wheatley, R.N. by Major-Gen. Sir Rev. J. Pratt, by the Earl of Brecknock: H. ll'heatley, K.C.H. Hon. and It ry. it. Curzon, by Earl Howe. Sir J. L. L. Kaye, by the Earl of Stamford Lieut.-Gen. N. Hdpkins, by inajor-Gen.

Lieut.-Gen. Sir J. Kenna. Col. Ld. W. Russell, on being appointed Leigh, by Sir 0. Mosley, Bart. Aid-de:Comp to his majesty, by Lord

Mr. C. 'Finley, by Viset. Strathallen. Lieut.-Col. 1'itzru: y the D. of Grafton; Lieut., Col. Compbeli, by the Duke of to lie Capt. of Yarniouth Castle, by Lieut.-Col. Ashworthy, by Maj.-Gen. Sir Vice-Atim. Sir E. Codrington, on being

11 111ajor the Nom .J. Sinclair, by the

alinn. Major Ilavr by tho Hon. Mr. Prittie.

Mr. .1. Towneley, by Visct. Strathallan. ctt.by itetir-Ad. Sir T. Hardy: Rev. R. Drammond, by his father, Rear- Corn . .1. Reeve, by Rear-Admiral Sir T. Rey. 21. Taylor, by the Bp. of Chichester. Cuitir;!,.7:1Y.-s. Morton, Robinson, Brown,; 2I r. S. Knowles, to present his play of Bradford. A ;moo, CI:al:man, and Kees, Alfred the Great," by the Earl of

torin, Rouse, by Cap:. Wool-

21r. -Xyke, by the Earl of Errol. Capt. it. Maanscn, MI appointment to his Rev. W. F. Fonell, Chat:Min to the Duke Majesty's ship An.: oft, I-v Sir T. Hardy.

Corn . Ilackott, by sir '1'. Hardy.

Rey. 11. Si. A. St. John, by Mr. 'I'. Sane- Capt. 11I'Malion, en his promotion, by 1111.::• of eu,sex. from the Cape Good Hope, by Maj..

Ilan. Privy Chamber, by E...r1 flow°. Lieut. Wilmc!, Barrington; Lien. I,y Inc Mar. of West.

they, l.■. Tempest, by the Earl of Shrews- TUE at. .1 co Ids return from Canada, t by his I.:II:ICY, Ceu.:-ir H. Warde.

!minted Deputy Lieut. of the county of the 45th by sir J. Erupt, G.C.B.

Sorry, by N1 r. Briscoe, M.P. Lieut.-Col. Kett, Cli. alth Reg. on his Sir .1. Keane, K.C.B.

She Imersdale. Capt. J. Paterson, on his appointment to

Capt. licustottn, on his appointment as The Queen had, in the interim, paid a visit to her former happy and quiet home of Bushy Park. On Thursday, her Majesty held her sixth drawing-room; when the following distinguished persons had the honour of being presented— Miss Story, by Baroness Grey de Ruthytr; Baroness de Poothiemby the Marchioness of Westmeath.

Bliss H. Penn, by her mother, Mrs. G. Penn.

Sirs. Jarrett, by Countess Howe. Mrs. .1. Ampldett, by Lady Bloont. Mrs. Hallifax, by theCount. of Limerick. Mr. F. Booth, by Cul. Sir C. W. Thorn- ton.

Lady Otway, by Lady A. Buller. Dlr. Stevenson, by the Mar. of Salisbury. The three M:sses Otway, by their mother, Lady Otway.

Capt. T. IL coryton. Royal Marines, by Viscount Sidmouth.

Miss F. Christie, by Lady A. Buller. Bliss J. Johnston, by her mother, Lady Johnston.

Miss D. Davison,by the Lady A. Buller. bliss liallifax, by the Count. of Limerick. Lady Whatley. by the Count. of Essex. Mrs. Weymouth, by the Countess of Albemarle. Dirs.13radford, by the Count. of Listowell. Miss M. Christie, by the Lady A. Buller.

Miss A.E. List), by her mnther,Mrs.Legb... Miss Gibbings, by Lady NI'Mahon. Viscountess'13arrolgtom by the Duchess

of te orti:amberland. • Sir Matthew Tierney, Bart, on being ap.. pointed is Knight Commander of the Royal Guelphic Order, by the Lord Chamberlain to the Queen.

Sir J. Gerard, by the Marquis of Hastings.: Sir John L. L. Kaye, by the Earl of Stamford and Warrington.

SirJohn Hippisley,by, the Vice-Chamber- lain to the King.

The Lady Gray, of Gray, by the Duchess of Gordon.

Lady Hardinge, by Lady E. liardinge. Lady Millet, by the lion. Mrs. Bowles. Sir Robert D. H. Elphinstone, Bart. by his Grace the Duke of Gordon. Lady Puleston, by the Count. Grosvenor.

Lord Cran Dm Mr. T. Griffith Cole, by Sir C. Cole. Mr. W. Smith, by LieuteGen. Sir Her- Lady Rodney, by Earl Howe. manry, by the Earl of Glasgow.

Miss A. Dawkins, by her mother, tars. Earl of Harewood Vice-Adm. Tollemache, by Earl Howe, Newcastle.

Lord Chamberlain to the Queen. Rev. Dr. Penrose, by the Dean of Chich- Falmouth. e :, by the Duke of Norfolk. inglield.

Miss S. Aitturay, by the 1201111/0S3 Or Ike. It. 11. liyam, by Lord Errol.

Lady Oakeley, by Lady G. S. Murray. Maj.-&n. Sir G. Way, by sir W. Clinton..

RCV. M. Taylor, by the Bp. of Chichester. Lieut.-Col. Sir H. Pynn, by Lieut.-Gee. Lmly H. Hill, by the Countess of elonnt- Col. 13. Drummond, by Lord Strathallan.

mith, by Lord Carrington. take or misapprehension in that case, may we hope that the Club