14 MAY 1831, Page 8

MISSIONARY SOCIETY.—The London Missionary Society held its anniversary on Wednesday,

at Exeter hail; William Hankey, Esq. in the chair. The gross receipts of the society, it appeared from the report, amount to 40,8001.; the balance in the treasurer's hands, 52/. 10s. Amongst the speakers were the Rev. Peter Jones, the Cana- dian chief of the Chippewa Indians ; the Rev. Edward Rae, missionary from India ; and the Rev. Eustace Cary, also from India. A collection was made of upwards of 400/. ALDERMAN ScAr.ss.—The whole of the charges brought against Mr. Scales have been abandoned ; and the Court of Aldermen rest their deci- sion, in refusing to swear him in, on the fact that he was apprenticed four days before he was of proper age to be bound. Mr. Scales intends to prosecute his claim in the Court of King's Bench.

Tim Lennart Tacioe.—On Wednesday night a numerous meeting of the comrades of the Lumber Troop was held at the Gentleman and Porter, New Street Square, to receive a visit from the Loyal and Patriotic Fund Committee, and to admit new comrades. The Colonel was in the chair. Mr. Hobhouse, Alderman Venables, Mr. Sergeant Pell, and several other gentlemen, were unanimously appointed Lumber Troopers, and underwent the ceremony of installation, amid the most tumultuous cheering and immense laughter. The usual toasts were drunk, and airs sung ; and the greatest harmony pervaded the meeting until it dispersed, which was at a very late hour. During the meeting, numerous and liberal subscriptions towards the Loyal and Patriotic Fund were announced amid great cheering. Mr. Hobhouse was loudly cheered upon his departure, as were the gentlemen composing the Com- mittee.

EAST Irnmi DEPARTURES.—On Wednesday, a Court of Directors was held at the East India House ; when the Coldstream and Mangles, for China direct, were ordered to be afloat on the 15th instant, and sail to Gravesend at the expiration of fifteen days from that date.