14 MAY 1927, Page 35

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A more amusing booli on health is Nature's Mealtimes, a pamphlet by Mr. H. K. Whitehorn (Watts. 6d.). We learn that a dish of tripe and rice takes only an hour to digest, while pork takes five hours, but who in the world wants to eat the former ? However, this is not a book for faddists : its advice is sensible and its statistics useful. " Allow sufficient time for one meal to digest before taking another," says the author, and in order to know exactly how long this takes, an alpha- betical list of foods is given. It is surprising to read that elateaubriand steak takes only an hour and three-quarters to digest if underdone and minced, while Camembert cheese takes three and a half hours. Dieticians arc always discovering some new thing.

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