14 MAY 1927, Page 35

• * * * * Every menu in Mrs. Leyel's

rather delicious little book,

Meals on a Tray, can be prepared in half an hour. In Provence," she writes, " the tray would hold an omelette aux fines herbes and a bottle of via rosee, or in Tuscany a bowl of roasted chestnuts and a white Orvieto. But there is poetry in English food too, and a dish of steaming brows candle would rejoice the heart of a foreigner." The whole thirty-five menus make one's mouth water. In the same series by the same author (from Routledge, Is. 6d. each) arc Puddings and Cold Savoury Meals : the latter contains two excellent ideas for sandwiches, (a) cream-cheese and carra way seeds, (b) gruyere and plantain leaves.