14 MAY 1927, Page 35

Herr Zoellner asks us to consider for a moment the

dance cosmic atoms. We have one soul, but a billion atoms, in he United States that is our body. We may have a microbe 'f Napoleon in us, or a speck of Goethe. But what has this do with Porcelain (Methuen. 6s.)—the subject on which e Writes so charmingly ? Simply that we should know whence "fines the delicate and translucent ware that graces our table. Inc of the ingredients come from Bohemia, others from the ovarian forests land the sea-coast of Sweden. " When we asider all the bustle and pother going to the making of one mall cup, well may we think it cheap at the price." Is this

a work of genius or a super-advertisement for kaolin clay ?' We find echoes of De Maupassant here and there, and much curious information. Certainly it is an unusual, thought- provoking book, well written and well translated.

* * *