14 MAY 1927, Page 35

We have received the first ten volumes of The Kings'

Way Classics," published by Messrs. Collins at 3s. 6d. each. Five of these are now issued for the first time in book form : Life at the ' Mermaid,' by Mr. J. C. Squire ; From My Books, by Mr. C. Lewis Hind ; Ancient Sorceries, by Mr. Algernon Blackwood ; Russian Tales, by Mr. Aylmer Maude, and An Observer's Twelvemonth, by Sir William Beach-Thomas. The latter need hardly be recommended to our readers, as we have had the privilege of publishing some of its contents ourselves ; yet this is not a volume of random jottings, but a coherent, sentient whole ; a psalm to the seasons in which the pleasures that are true and beautiful and abiding in this lovely land are

't•, Portrayed with a rare delicacy. Sir William knows many countries, but always he brings us back, with quickened gratitude, to " see the cherry hung with snow," or listen to nightingale, blackcap, blackbird or lark. Mr. Algernon Blackwood's power of depicting the uncanny has never been better shown than in " The Willows "—one of the stories included

Ancient Sorceries. These tales will be a delight to

gliostronomes," as Mr. Joad calls them.

* *