14 MAY 1927, Page 47


The full Report of the Affiance Assurance amply confirms the favourable impression created by the increased dividend recently noted in ' these columns. In most departments there was a handsome contribution to a general increase in profits. The aggregate increase was over £90,000, and to this increase the Fire Account contributed about £61,000, Marine about £18,000, and Employers' Liability about £8,000. At the present quotation in the market, the shares of the Alliance Company give a yield to the investor of about £4 2s. per cent. An amount of £60,000 is brought this year into Profit and Loss, representing shareholders' propor- tion of the profit of the Imperial Fund, which closed its quinquennium on December 31st last. The free balance in Profit and Loss, after providing for the dividend, is now in excess of £1,000,000.