14 MAY 1927, Page 47

A Library List

MISCELLANEOUS :-A Short History of the American People. By R. Granville Caldwell. Vol. II. (Putnam. 12s. 6d.) A Famous Indian Regiment. By Sir Reginald

• Hennell. (Murray. 12s.)-Pedigree Dogs. Edited by C. C. Sanderson. (T. Werner Laurie. 21s.)--The Creator Spirit. By Charles E. Rayon. (Hopkinson. 8s. 6d.)-The Revolt of Asia. By Upton Close. Putnam. 10s. 6d.) Capital Punishment. By E. Roy Calvert. (Putnam. 5s.)-Kingship. By A. M. Hocart. (Oxford

University Press. 12s. 6d.) Melanesians of the South- East Solomon Islands. By W. G. Ivens. (Kogan Paul.

30s.) A Short Psychology of Religion. By G. J. Jordan. (Cape. 3s. 6d.)

BIOGRAPHIES :-Nezontan (IS Man of Letters. By J. J. Reilly. (Burns, Oates and Washbourne. 7s. 6d.)-The Women of the Medici. By Yvonne Maguire. (Routledge. 12.s. ad.)

Carlyle at his Zenith. By D. A. Wilson. (Kogan Paul. 15s.) A Quaker Saint of Cornwall. By L. V.

Hodgkin. (Longmans. 10s. 6d.) LITERARY :-A History of Russian Literature. By Prince

D. S. Mirsky. (Routledge. 12s. 6d.)--Authorship in the Days of Johnson. By A. S. Collins. (Holden. 30s.) -Gulliver's Travels. By Dean Swift. New Edition.

(Putnam. 7s. 6d.) The Aesthetes. By W. J. Turner. (Wishart. 4s. 6c1.)-Dorothy and William Wordsworth. By C. M. Maclean. (Cambridge University Press. Os.) TRAVEL :-The Lure of Normandy. By Frances M. Gostling.

(Mills and Boon. 5s.) The Story of Perugia. By M.

Symonds and L. Duff Gordon. (Dent. 5s. 6d.) Travels in Spain and the East, 1808-1810. By Sir F. S.

Darwin. (Cambridge University Press. Os.) Brinz-

stone and Chili. By Carleton Beals. (Knopf. 21s.) NOVELS :-Rogues and Vagabonds. By Compton Mackenzie.

(Cassell. 7s. 6d.) Morris in the Dance. By Ernest Raymond. (Cassell. 7s. 6d.)-The Passionate Clowns. By Holt Marvell. (Duckworth. Os.)