13 MAY 1943, Page 13


Snt,—Unless we take a long step forward from the League, we shall take a long step backward. Already we see the outlines of the reactionary scheme whereby the hopes of the peoples of the world for security and lasting peace will be frustrated unless we. awake to the danger in time.

In essence it is a proposal for a return to the pre-1914 system of alliances. League principles were sound. They are the eternal principles on which civilisation must be built up, but the machinery was defective. We are therefore going to scrap the principles. Peace in future is to be based on a Four-Power Alliance. What is to happen if these Powers disagree? Lord Cranborne has told us. " If by any evil chance a rift should come between them, the world will lapse into chaos."

So now we know. Collective security is to be thrown overboard. If Great Powers disagree they must be allowed to fight it out or alter- natively the more peaceable must give way to the more aggressive. Small Powers will inevitably take their place as pawns in this game of power politics, and even Europe is to be divided into "spheres of influence." The methods of our fathers proved inadequate for the modern world. We will therefore return to the ways of our grandfathers. The issue is clear. Forward to Federation or back to 1914.—Yours faith- fully, G. E. LEE. 9 Grove Road, Worley, Birmingham, 32.