13 MAY 1943, Page 21


IA Book Token for one guinea will be awarded to the sender of the first correct ,,,unon of this week's crossword to be opened after noon on Tuesday week, .4.1a, 25th. Envelopes should be received nor later than first post that day and must tear the word "Crossword," the NUMBER of the puzzle and a aid. stamp. Solutions ,,,asst be on the form lelow, and none can be accepted from the U.S.A. The solution 0,1 I/11 name of_ the winner will be published in the following issue.]


1. Belongings, - particularly of air- borne .troops?

8. Work in the cricket season, perhaps.

9. This wine might be taken as crab. is. She did.

13. Give the bird a• nest and you may see her on.

14. A Bossy sort of philosopher. 17. Lowliness is young ambitions, said Shakespeare.

it. Sixpenny self-made men. 20. The long arm of the law,-or at least of the C.I.D.

22. See H.

25. Reverse mourning for George- Augustus. 26. " The glories of our - and state Are shadows." (Shirley.) 27. " All that we know who lie in Is that the wall is strong." (Wilde.) 30. Showing that the toiler can take it easy.

31. Steward!

32. Beyond conversion. (4, 2,


2. Turned aside.

3. " Athens, the eye of Greece, mother of - and eloquence." (Milton.)

4. More famous as character than place.

5 the thing to lift a car with.

6. Not just where to find bats.

7. It overlooked " the hollow ocean- ridges roaring into cataracts." (8, 4.) le. A rebuff that most of us would welcome nowadays.

3, 4.) It, 22. Edmond Dances became this count. (5, 6.)

15. " No, good mother, here's - more attractive." (Shakespeare.) 16. " Just the place for a -1 I have said it thrice." (Carroll.) 19. Mrs. Fezziwig was one vast sub- stantial one.

21. With pleasure!

23. Not a genuine expression of contempt.

24. One would require a gigantic re- ceptacle so to treat the tree indicated.

28. A drop for the marksman.

29. Cattle-boat?