14 NOVEMBER 1835, Page 15



Musical Tlistory, Biography. and Criticism ; being a General History of Musk; from the earliest period to the present time. By George Bogart!' Parker. FICTION, My Aunt Pontypool. In 3 vols Naunders and Otley. The Romance of Ancient Egypt ; Second Series of the Romance of Ancient History. By John Gunning Seymer. ILA. In 2 vols. inileker and Co. Groctitarnv, A Manual of Ancient Geography, for the use of Schools and l'rivato Tuition. (7ompiled from the Works of A. II. L. Ilecren, Professor of History in the University of Gottingen, Scc. &c Tallwas, arford. Ton ANNUALS, Heath's PietureNne Annual, for 1836 —A Journey to St. Petersburg and Moscow, through Courlaud and Livonia, By Leitch Ritchie, Esq. With Twenty five splendid Engravings, by the lirst Artists, after Drawings by A. G. Vickers, Esq, Lehgelas and Co. Forget Me Not ; a Christmas, New-Year's, and Birtladay Present, ti r 1836. Edited by Frederic Shoberl. Ackermann and Co. The Pearl ; or Affection's Gift. A Christmas and New-Year's Preseut.

Graanthridge. tongan ; Ash. Philadelphia.

The New-Year's Gift, and Juvenile Souvenir. Edited by Mrs. Alarie Watts.

Whittaker and Co..

The Agricultural and Horticultural Annual, for 1836 Silvia., and Marshall. The Geographical Annual, and l'uiversal 4;fleet teer I836 Churton. The Ilistormal Keepsake; a series of Origii,al Tales, chiefly illustrative of im- portant and interesting events in British History. Several Series. Edited by John Watson Dalby Hurst. SATIRE, The Battle of the Annuals. A Fragment Bail!, and Ca.