14 NOVEMBER 1835, Page 9



In Dublin, the Lady of the Hon. Gwoaos C07.T.Er, of a sou.

On the Ilth inst., at her residence in Clarges Street, the Lady of Colonel FREE- MAN rLE. Coldstream Guards, of a son.

On the 7th inst., in Welbeek Street. the-Lady of Dr. RUTHERFORD, of a sou.

On the 7th inst., at Stockton Rectory, Worcestershire, the Lady of the Rev. W. F. RAYMOND. of a daughter.

On the 7■11 inst., the Lady of the:Rev. Joins ALEXANDER.GOWER, of Woolley. Berks, of a daughter.

On the 8th inst., at Clapham COIIIITOB. the Lady of the Rev. FREDERICK BORRA• !MILE, of a SOIL

On the 9th inst.. in Green Street, Grosvenor:Square, the Lady of W. F. HAMILTON, Esq., of New York, of a daughter. At Paris. the Lady of KerrEumii. Dinur, Esq., of a daughter. At Gibraltar, the Lady of Colonel 31' BoNALI,, 92■1 Highlanders, of a son.


On the 10th inst., at Ham, Surry, RolIERT Nioonsou. Esq., of the Scots Fusileer Guards, to HENRIETTA FRANCES. daughter of Lieut.-General ;Sir Henry Campbell, K.C.IS. and 13.C.11., of It ielunotal Park.

On tie 4th inst., at Clay don, Bucks. the Rev. WIT.LIAM ROBERT FREMANTT.E, Rector of Pit clueot. third SOH of the late Vice- Admiral Sir Thomas Francis Frema ntle. G .C.11., to Emit.v CAROLINE, second daughter of the late General Sir Harry Calvert, Bart.,G.C.13.

Oct 1he 5th inst., at Tickhill. Emirs:1u son of the late Colonel L'Estrange, of Moys- town, King's County, to HENRIETTA, daughter of T. Lumley Solite, Esq., of Tiekhill Castle.

On the 9th inst., at St. James's, Westminster, Dr. Aunts, of Ohl Burlington Street, to Emmy daughter of the late Rev. J. !Lome. Trinity College, Cambridge.. Ont he 10th inst., at St. Mary's, Bryanston Square, the ceremony having been pre- viously performed according to the rites of the Roman Catholic Church, Joust, only surviving son of Robert Selby, Esq.,of Bryansten Street, Portman Square, of the Selbys of Biddleston. Northumberland, to ANNA MARIA, youngest daughter of John Searle, Esq.. of Gloucester Place.

At Handle. the Rev. G. ItooRE, Vicar of Embleton, eldest son of the late Mr. Jas. tier Hooke, to CLARA, daughter of W. Moffat, Esq.

At Madeira, WILT.IAM POSTLETHWAITE, £sq.. I,0 BARBARA, daughter of H. Veitch, Esq., Consul-General there.

At Law hitton, near Launceston, Mr. LEIGH IO Miss JANE INcir, he aged 86, she 22. The buidegroom buried his former wife on Tuesday and married his present one the Saturday after.


On the 8th inst., at Wentworth House, Lord Viscount MILTON, eld at son of the Right Hon, Earl Fitzwilliani, in his 24th year.

On the 8th inst., at limit. Coaage, near Maidstone, THEOPHILUS JONES, Esq., Ad- miral of the White, in his 75111 year. On the 5th best.. in Hanover Street, St. George's, Lieut, the lion. JOHN Fortin% or the 79th It egimeut, son of Gen. Lord Forbes. On the 5th inst.. at his house Welbeelt Sirect. Sir Divren %AIRY, in his 56 Ii year. On the 301 he ult., at Edinburgh. G oRo, ROIttlasoN See' r, Esq.. of Hellhole:.

On the 17th of Judy, at his seat, frockharst Lodge. near AlversIone. Jamaica, the Hon. THOMAS LEGAL YATES.

At Pari-' FLoRINE 0 BRE4N, Wife of G 0 Iluntly Gordon, Esq.. in her 21st year, three weeks ater her marr:ace. 'At Anushilt, !Magid, Mr. Jo i Seorr, farm 9., in his 102d year. Ile was in posses siou of his factiltbs to the last hoer of existence, and left a numerous offspring of three generations to follow him to the grave. On the 6th inst.. Apex 'remiss THORP, Esq., Alderman, and Governor of the Irish Society.

On the 20th ult., at Halifax, Nova Scotia, in cot sNiuenee of drinking cold water whilst overheated in the pursuit of moose deer, the Honourable CHARLES FRANCIS NORTON. Captain of the 52,1 Regiment, Assistant Military Secretary to Sir Colin Campbell, Governor of Nova Scotia, Captain Norton 'was in his 29th year. On the 8th inst., RICHARD WALTER FORBES, Esq., of Rolvendeu, Kent, in his 74th year.