14 NOVEMBER 1970, Page 19

The garbage

Dear Mr Editor: I had to write this for school prep and thought you might like to see it.

Garbage! Garbage! What a sight When their is a dustman strike, People can have never seen So much sewage as in their stream.

In what distant streets or dells, Waft such horrifying smells, Smelly bonfires ev'rywhere, Dumps of garbage here and there.

Dust bins overflow so much, We had to use the rabbit hutch And the women in despair, But the dustmen do not care.

What the money! What the claim? What's going on within their brain? Will tomorrow this nonsense end? It's driving mothers round

the bend!

Will it cease? Will it cease?

When will the strikers be at peace? Avon sewage across the seas Plastering sides of docks and quays.

Peter Upton (eleven years) 6 Richmond Park Road, Clifton, Bristol 8.