14 NOVEMBER 1981, Page 15

Expensive rubbish

Sir: When it comes to Christmas food and Christmas pud in particular we must discount Alexander Chancellor's sniffy Notebook remarks (31 October) about the usual expensive rubbish in Harrods' glossy catalogue. They still deliver delicious pudding and other delicacies direct to your doorstep free of charge within a 25-mile radius of Knightsbridge, which is more than St Michael, patron saint of the British High Street and beloved of the anorak and checkout fanciers, is prepared to do for much the same price.

Drawing a parallel with Lady Spencer's Christmas list from the Althorp shop, which merely exists to help replace tiles, gutters and drains etc. and thus keep Britain's heritage intact, should serve as a memo that when Messrs Benn, Livingstone and others of that ilk are in command Christmas shopping will be confined to the local GUM. Mr Chancellor will then, together with the rest of us, be queuing for his Christmas grub and the best of British luck to keep us company. Moreover, it will still be expensive rubbish.

Sheila Burns

Cherrywood, 15 Lilley Drive, Kingswood, Surrey