14 NOVEMBER 1981, Page 15

Finding no fault

Sir: I am utterly astonished by Richard Ingrams's criticisms of Brideshead Revisited (24 and 31 October); my own views are very different. Brideshead is a great romantic novel concerning the three loves of Charles Ryder — for a man, for a woman, and, ultimately, for God. Derek Granger and his team are to be congratulated for translating it so impeccably to our television screens.

John Mortimer's faithful adaptation and the immaculate casting throughout are a constant delight; and Evelyn Waugh's original story has been tremendously enhanced by the visual pleasures provided by the whole production team, and, also, lifted into another dimension with Geoffrey Burgon's entrancing music. No other country in the world could produce a service of this calibre.

Jean LyeII

57 Brompton Square, London SW3