14 OCTOBER 1876, Page 2

Mr. Gladstone has published another letter on the Eastern Question,

which was read at the Westminster meeting of Mon- day, convened to receive the Bulgarian delegates. In it he ex- presses his doubt whether the Cabinet upon this subject faithfully represents the country; says that after disparaging European concert for months, the Government had begun to demand it, and bad proposed some worthless kind of parochial self-government. The Premier had admitted that his policy was not in accord with that of his people, but the Government would neither accord a disso- lution by which the opinion of the people might be tested, nor summon Parliament to deliver its own verdict. They persisted in a policy apparently condemned by the people, and unknown to Parliament. They ought to pledge themselves to secure to Bosnia, the Herzegovina, and Bulgaria self-government not dependent upon the caprice or will of the Ottomans. He should be accused, he knew, a making. an attack upon the Government, but he had hoped against hope that they would alter their courses and knew of "no duty to strengthen the hands of Government for evil."