14 OCTOBER 1876, Page 2

The elections for Ohio and Indiana, which were expected with

great interest as test-elections, came off on Tuesday, and were, on the whole, favourable to the Republicans. In Ohio they carried their candidate for Governor by a majority of 5,000, and though in Indiana their candidate, General Harrison, was beaten by Mr. Williams—commonly known as "Blue Jeans," from the colour of his nether-garments--still that appears to have been due mainly to the personal popularity of the Democratic candidate. In both States the Republicans carried additional Congressmen. The division was close enough to give immense energy to the electoral campaign, which has hitherto not been very vigorous, the Democrats imagining that they had scarcely a chance. It is asserted that the Democrats are sure of the South, South Caro- lina excepted, but the negro vote at a Presidential election is much heavier than in any local contest.