14 OCTOBER 1876, Page 2

The new charge brought by the German Government against Count

Arnim, that of treason, for publishing a pamphlet which betrays official secrets, maligns the Emperor, and insults Prince Bismarck, has been decided. The High Court of State, acting mainly on the evidence of a man employed in the printing- office whence the pamphlet appeared, has found the Count guilty, and sentenced him to five years' penal servitude. He is, of course, beyond the jurisdiction, but it is said the sentence carries with it loss of rank, and possibly even of property. It is quite possible that Count Arnim, ulcerated by his persecution, has published, or rather allowed others to publish, impudent things ; but five years' penal servitude for a reckless pamphlet, even if written by the Count, which he strenuously denies, is a monstrous penalty. Prince Bismarck will find during the next crisis that persistent persecution of this sort, even of a man who deserved dismissal, is not the way to secure effective agents for his policy. You cannot flog a man into being a good Ambassador.