14 OCTOBER 1876, Page 3

The Government of Prussia has completed a curious inquiry. All

the children in school on a certain day, 4,070,923 of them, were examined, and the colour of their eyes and hair carefully registered. It was found that 42.97 per cent, had blue eyes and 24-31 per cent, had brown eyes ; while no less than 72 per cent. had blonde hair, 26 per cent. brown hair, and only 1.21 per cent. black hair. Only 6.53 per cent., again, are of brunette com- plexion. In Bavaria the light-haired proportion is much smaller, and the savans therefore consider that the dark complexion comes from the South, which is in accordance with the general belief. In Southern Asia any colour but black for the hair may be said to be absolutely unknown ; and light-coloured eyes, though not un- known, are extremely rare. Is the colour of the eyes in any way a protection against the influence of too much light ?