14 OCTOBER 1876, Page 3

The hearing of the charge against Mr. Slade and Mr.

Simmons was resumed on Tuesday, but made very little progress. Mr. Munton seems to have spun out to a great length a very unmean- ing cross-examination of Dr. Lankeater, and Mr. Lewis's exami- nation-in-chief of Mr. Araskelyne, who proposed to imitate all Mr. Slade's achievements, as a mere conjuror would, was evidently thought by Mr. Flowers, the magistrate, almost as objectionably irrelevant to the particular case. Mr. Slade's " table " was brought into Court, and was declared by Mr. Maskelyne to be well suited to tricks of this kind ; and certainly Mr. Slade and Mr. Simmons seemed unduly anxious to recover their table, which, however, was detained by the Court till the case comes on again next Friday. At this rate of procedure, it seems not unlikely to last till after Christmas.