14 OCTOBER 1876, Page 3

The Spanish Government has determined upon a final effort for

the reconquest of Cuba. It has raised £600,000 upon the security of the revenues of the island, and has despatched there 20,000 more soldiers, the regiments for the service being chosen by lot. The command, and with it, it is believed, the Captain-General- ship, has been bestowed upon General Martinez Campos, an able General, and so vehement an Isabellino that his influence is con- sidered disastrous in the Army. The new Captain-General is not authorised to offer any terms except an amnesty, but it is sup- posed in Spain that the leaders have become hopeless, and will be ready, on certain conditions, to leave the island. There will then still remain the negro question to be settled, and the restora- tion of the finances, which are in almost hopeless confusion.