14 OCTOBER 1938, Page 1

Hungary's Claims Even in ruin the Czechs have admirably kept

their heads ; and the grant of autonomy, first to Slovakia, and later to Ruthenia has proved an obstacle to Hungary's desires for the cession of Ruthenia. Equally, and naturally, the force of Hungary's demand has been weakened by lack of support from Germany, which recognises in Hungary's efforts to obtain a common frontier with Poland a necessary part of the attempt to form a Polish-Hungarian front which ultimately can be opposed to Germany's advance south-east. The negotiations between the Hungarian and Czechoslovak delegates at Komarom have, despite Hungary's occupation of two token areas, broken down on the question whether the maps of 1910 or of 193o arc to be used to demarcate the new frontiers. It seems clear that the question will be decided, in Hungary's favour or Czechoslovakia's, only after the strength of the new Czechoslovak State, and the possibility of her receiving help in this question from Germany, have been more fully tested. It is significant to notice that Signor Mussolini has not been able to exercise any direct influence on these negotiations, whose result will be of the greatest importance to him ; but Signor Mussolini cannot follow both the axis and his own interests.

* * * *