14 SEPTEMBER 1844, Page 21

COMMERCIAL GAZETTE. Tuesday, Sept. 1(1.


Vickerman and Co. Huddersfield, woullemeluth.manufacturers ; as far as regards B. Vickermau - Vowell and Mascot, Stockwell, manufacturers of the solution of sul- ipltur-Syer and Co. Sudbury, grocers-Rand T. Clulee. Birmingham, coopers- Wailer and Co. Mellor. Derbyshire. cotton-spinners-Wilding and Potter. Bexley, farmers - Boughton and Garraway, Fore Street. Lambeth. pone, s - Dunkley and Lime, Earls Barton, Northamptonshire, shoe-manufactuiers-Ciiitun and Arden, Bourn, Liucoloshire, wine-merchauts-Griffiths and Newbeiy, Bishop's Castle, Shropshire, linendrapers-Lallemaud and Turner. Macclesfield. surgeons- Brandi and Adams. Tatum. timber-meichauts- Croft and Wooller, Bradford, Yorkshire, dyers-Haley and Newhill. Bradford, Yorkshire, stuff manufacturers - W. and J. M•Naught, Croydon, grocers-Carter and Son. Halstead, Essex. booksellers-Tee and Co. Barnsley. linen- manufacturers-T. trod W. !Sable. Borough Market, vegetable-salesmen-Moon and Co. Liverpool. merchants-H. and T. Macaulay. Cartaiu Road. Shoreditch. cabinet- makers-H. J. and W. Thorp. Manchester, wheelwrights-Torquay Coal Company,


SISON, J., Brighton, toy-dealer. eamiaurrs. BRADSHAW, GEoRGE, Welchpool, linendraper. to surrender Sept. 17. Oct. 9 :

sohiri- 4ors. Mr. Walker, Frunival's Inn ; Mr. Bradley, Liverpool ; official assignee, Mr. Bird. Liverpool.

BODE, JuSEPH. Nine Elms, contractor, Sept. 23, Oct. 22: solicitor, Mr. Seagrove. Mark Lane ; othicialaosiguiee. Mr. 'Whitmore, Basinghall Street.

SEDOWICK, THoh115. Leeds, grocer, Sept. 17, Oct. : solicitors, Mr. Duncan. Featherstone Buildiugs ; Mr. Unycin, Sheffield ; Mr. Blackburn, Leeds ; official assignee. Mr. Young, Leeds.

WARRILLOW, ALFRED JoHN, Seckforde Street, Clerkenwell, faucy.stationer. Sept. 19. Oct. 22: solicitor. Mr. Scott, Southampton Buildings ; official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Basiughall Street. DOZIDENDS. Oct. 7. Turner, Middleton Street, Clerkenwell. painterl-baize manufacturer-Oct. 7. Hopper. Great queen Street, carpet.warehouseman-Oct. 9, Morrison and Stone. Harp Lane. Tower Street, winemerchinds-Oct. 5, Williams and Mottram. Wood Street, warehousemeti-Oct. 5, Chilver. Ipswich, upholsterer-Oct. 16, Nicholsou, Halifax. worsted spinner-Oct. 2, Thompson. Liverpool. merchant -Oct. 3, Mulineitx. Maui- cheater, silk-minuRicturer- Oct. 4, Hindmarsh, Hartlepool, grocer-Oct. 2, Jefferson, Newcastle-upouTyne, victualler- Loraioe. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, wine merchant.


To be granted. unless cause be shown to thr contrary, on the day of meeting. Oct. 3, Mituro. Princes Street.. Leicester Square, builder- Oct. 3, Smith, Sudbury, surgeon-Oct. 7. Howland Thame, auctioneer-Oct. 7. Drew. Compton Street. Regent Square. victualler - Out. 3, Norman, Gloucester, ironmonger - Oct. 4, Barnard. Cheltenham, 60'11es-dealer - Oct. 3. Bailey, Bingley, Yorkshire. stuffonerchaut. To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Oct. 1

Baxter, Sheffield merchant - Parker, Sheffield, spite, manufacturer -Cuttell. Holm- firth. clothier-Hectored, Birmingham. writing-clerk- Dixon, Sheffield, linen draper -Stokes, London Wall, Freuch warehonseman.


Webster, Sheffield, printer ; first and Rual div. of Is. on any day on and after Oct.

.7; Mr. Young Leeds. SCOTCH SEQUESTRATIONS. MILI.E11. J.. Uphall, milling eugineer. Sept. 17. Oct. 3. SKIRLS, J., Edinburgh, baker, Sept. 14 Oct. 7.

Friday, Sept. 13.


Coxhead and Richards. Cheapsiile-Hall sod Ridsdale. Lenton, Nottinghamshire. starchananufaeturers-liughea and Palmer, Conduit Street, auctioneers-Pinner and Davis. Bridgnor h, cabinet-makers-Day and Evaus, Bristol, atturnies-K'ebb and Cadman, Pontypool, brewera -E. and W. Oakes, Killswitiford, Staffordshire, corn- elealers-J. and P. Waller. Congleton, Cheshire. mil liners-sulfa and 13riudley, Stoke- -upon Trent, eartheuware-manufacturers- R ana J. II. Parkiason. Leeds. wool- brokers-Cassou and liettison, Kingstou-upon-Hull. printers - Hones and Co. Pleas' Icy. Derbyshire. cotton spinners; as tar as reg oils W. Paget-Beesley and Son. Bir- mingham. Monfouuders-Revell and Co Denby-dale Yorkshire. merchants-Jackson and Co. Liverpool. shipbuilders-Laffitte and co. Addle Street. Wood Street. foreigu- importers - J. and J. Lees, Staleybridge. cotton-manufacturers - Wallace and Broughtoo. Nautwich, attornies-Croft and Woollen, Bradford, dyers-Carden and

Whitler& Bristol. linendrapers. BANKRUPTS. DAWES, DANIEL and HENRY. Asylum Road. Old Kent Road, road.contractors, to our. ✓ ender Sept. 21, Oct. 25; solicitors. Messrs. Yenning and Co. Tokenhouse Yard ; .cial assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Basiughall Street.

Holman Jaws Simpson, Liverpool, ship-broker, Sept. 19, Oct. 9; solicitors, Messrs. Vincent and Sherwood, Temple ; Messrs. Littledale and Bardswell, Liverpool; official assignee. Mr. Bird Liverpool.

JoNES. Toroma and Josue, Liverpool. tallow chandlers, Sept. 19, Oct. 9; solicitors. Mr. Cotterill, Throgmortou Street; Messrs. Fletcher and Hull, Liverpool ; official assignee, Mr. Turner. Liverpool. SUGDEN, Joao and DAVID. Huddersaeld, fancy-cloth-manufacturers, Sept.25, Oct. 16 : solicitors, Mr. Cumming, King Street, Cheapside ; Messrs. Brook and Freeman, Had- ; Mr. Sykes, Leeds ; official assignee, Mr. Femme, Leeds.


Oct. 8. Carmithers. Shepperton, Middlesex. distiller-Oct. 8, Garnett. Tooley Street, batter-Oct. 10, Jordan and Magrath. Liverpool, merchants-Oct. 10, Elliott, Leeds. tallow.merchant.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting. Oct. 5. Ball, Salisbury. cabinet-maker-Oct. 7, Hodson, Bishop Auckland, Durham, mercer -Oct. 7, Weir. Carlisle, iron-merchant. Ti' be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or befLre Oct. 4. Robey, Upper John Street, Fitzroy Square. builder-Mardall, New Shoreham, insurance-broker-Elliott. Caxton. Cambridgeshire, innkeeper - Wood. Oaf." d. sur- geon -Portaway. Braiutree, tea dealer-Blake, City Road, merchant-Dethick, Temple Street, Whitelliars, lime-merchant.


FRASER. R. and Son. Edinburgh, tailors, Sept. 16, Oct. 14, Kits, D., Irvine, slate-merchaut, Sept. H. Oct. 12.