14 SEPTEMBER 1996, Page 61


1278: Professor Stephen by Doc

A first prize of £25 and a bottle of Graham's Late Bottled Vintage 1990 Port for the first correct solution opened on 30 September, with two runners-up prizes of £15 (or, for UK solvers, the latest edition of The Chambers Dictionary – ring the word `Dictionary'). Entries to: Crossword 1278, The Spectator, 56 Doughty Street, London WC1N 2LL.

The unclued lights (two of two words are of a kind, verifiable in Brewer.



ACROSS 11 'Typical fellow with a grave name, maybe (10, two words) 13 Dwarfish person on the way (5) 14 Coarse cotton caused a difficulty during leap (8)

17 Small shield from bend on river (7)

18 Prison boss lost his head; close to a flap! (7) 19 New relations from the East (9) 22 Sober notices, back to front (3) 23 In Latin, I advance to fashionable church party (6) 26 Newspaper for a farthing (3) 30 Oil plant dried out covered by cloth (9) 32 Praise above merits about pure wit (7, two words) 35 Chinese measure — about a third of a mile to one gallon (5) 36 Rattle on about hypnotic drug 37 Writers iters could be placed thus, we hear (5) 39 Tom East, a witch (6) 40 German city rejected dry Tokay wines (8)


1 That Arab crowd's disturbed crew on duty (14, two words) 3 Sits an exam again — while filming? (7) 4 Order while turning light helmet (6) 5 Mark North's old injury (4) 9 Rupert's home could be a Brazil forest (7) 10 Army vehicles having new English reg., with unusual letters (14, two words) 12 Half the HP? Surely not! (5) 15 French friends' author' 4) 16 Strange insect is having spasm, like a boffin (11) 20 Acting academy upset for a month (4) 21 Oman currency exchanged for Italian (4) 22 Waterfall enclosed sheltered part of verandah (8, hyphened) 25 The old declare a p-pen (English) (7) 27 Brother with Nixon's heartless old paramour (7) 28 This worm is French, appearing in volume (7) 29 Drummer among the first arrivals (5) 30 Canto having some French and some German (4) 31 Clergymen are peeping Toms, it's said (6) 34 Exhausted couple (4)

Solution to 1275: Contributory factors

The unclued lights, individually or when correct y paired, were all REG- ULAR SPECTATOR CONTRIBUTORS.

First prize: C.M. Beattie, Chesham, Bucks. Runners-up: Keith L. Har- rison, Sheffield; W. B. Stephenson, London SW12.