15 APRIL 1837, Page 10

A meeting was held at Reading on Monday evening, for

the purpose of taking into Consideration the measure proposed by Govermnent for the abolition of Church-rates. The Mayor presided, and the numbers present are estimated at nearly 2,000 persons. A resolution in favour of the Ministerial plan having been proposed and seconded, a counter- resolution, condemnatory of the plan, was proposed and carried!

A meeting was beld at Falmouth on Monday, to petition Parliament for the abolition of Church.rates. An attempt was made by the Tories to obtain possession of the hull: they mustered their forces, and, headed by the two clergymen of the town, rushed in on the opening of the doors, and took possession of a prominent part of the room. As soon as it was known that the opponents of the measure had thus assembled, the friends of the Liberal cause poured into the hall, and shortly hemmed the Conservatives completely into one corner of the room. Resolu- tions in furtherance of the objects of the meeting were then put and carried, not without frequent attempts on the part of the Tories to interrupt the proceedings ; but they ultimately • withdrew without effecting their object, amid the loud buzzes of the majority.

At Beceles in Suffolk, and Pudsey in Yorkshire, meetings being held for a similar purpose, Anti-Church-rate petitions were adopted.