15 APRIL 1837, Page 10

The Marquis of Waterford, with the Honourable Mr. Villiers, Mr.

Reynard, Sir F. Johnstone, and eight other 'gentlemen," have been kicking up rows at Melton Mowbray, bruising watchmen, breaking windows and lamps, smearing doors and shop-signs with red paint, overturning caravans, wrenching off knockers, screwing up doors, cursing, swearing, and gallivanting through the streets. One of the set, Mr. Reynard, was tined five shillings for being drunk; the rest seem to have got off. A sample of the hereditary legislators, the aris. tocracy and gentry of England !

Thomas Greensmith, a labourer at Basford, put his four children to death, last week, by strangling them while asleep, with a piece of whipcord. A Coroner's Jury found a • verdict of "Wilful mur- der" against the man ; but tio evidence was produced which threw any light on his motives. He was a widower, in full employment, earning 13s. a week ; one of his boys was earning Is. 6d. a wet-k; and he re- ceived 6s. a week from an old man who boarded with him. However, he was in debt, and had been threatened with a distress for rent. He seemed quite pleased when the verdict was given. The poor wretch must be mad.