15 APRIL 1837, Page 11


Arrived-Off Plymouth. Maree 12th, Boyne. Richardson, from Bombay ; Canton. and Tribune, Browse, from Mauritius. Off Falmouth. 12th. Duke of Bed. ford. Bowen, from Bengal ; and Comet, Patterson, from the Cape. Off Cork, 12th, Fairy Queen, Hookey. from Bengal. At Liverpool, loth, Allerton, Evans, from Ben- eat. At St. Helena, Jan. 31st. Theresa, Young. from Bengal; and Friends, M'Cle- vet :y, 'roe, Singapore; Feb. 3d, Orient, White, from Bengal; 51h. Rapid. Smith, front Mauritius; Louisa, SPCtitcheon, from London; and Iteneoolen, Croft, from Bengal; 6th, Bombay Packet. Greenock. front Bombay ; S. Winter, Hog os. from China ; Courier, Dixon; and Wanderer. from Mauritius ; 12th. Ahts letter Baring. St. Croix. from China ; 13th, Exmouth, warren. from : 14th Henry Wellesley, Freeman. from Singapore; and 15th, Symmetry, Biley, from Bengal. At the Cape. Jan. 26th Australia, Forrester, from Bombay ; Feb. 15111, Gilmore, Lindsay. from do ; Repulse, Price. and Sesostris. Yates, from gengal. At Mauritius. Dee. 2701. Pittscottie, Ogilvie, from London; net Jan. Ott., —, from Bristol. At China, Earl Grey, Adamson, from China. SATURDAY MORNING. Arrived-Off Portland, Eliza Stewart, Miller, from China. Off Liverpool, I uglebo. rough. Rickett, from do.