15 APRIL 1837, Page 10

The Countess of Lincoln, daughter of the Duke of Hamilton,

is seriously indisposed. The Earl of Lincoln arrived in town on Satur- day, but was recalled to the seat of his fiither, the Duke of Newcastle, where Lady Lincoln was staying.

The Marquis and Marchioness of Londonderry and suite quitted Berlin on the 1st instent, on their route to Paris, via Hamburg, and are expected at Hulderness House in three weeks.

It is said that Mania Monk is on her way from the United States to this country, and that she is to exhibit herself in Exeter Hall, which hits been engaged far the occasion. Lord Kenyon, Mr. Finch, and Mr. M' Ghee, will of course be her bottle-holders.

'F he arrivals in town, within the last few days, have been exceed- ingly nuinerous ; and most of the West-end hotels are said to be "booked full."

The Longford Election Committee met on Wednesday, for the agents on both sides to exchange lists of the objected votes at the late election. It appeared that Mr. White polled 619, Mr. Fox, 526; majority, 93. The petitioners objected to 490 votes of the sitting

Member's poll, of which 248 are for under.value. The votes objected to on the part, of the sitting Member are 200, but the principal class is for ievalid registry under the Reform Act. The petition contains numerous allegations, the chief of which is that of intimidation. Counsel for the petitioners, Mr. Harrison and Mr. Wrangham ; for the sitting Member, Messrs. Thesiger, Austin, and Robinson. The new law on lunatics does not prevent those people from editing newspapers. This was done out of personal consideration for M. Fon- frehle.—Charivart.

A solemn pageant took place on the 17th March, at the theatre pou Scala, at Milan, in honour of Madame Malibran ; the receipts of which were to be appropriated to the erection of a monument to the meirory of that celebrated singer, in the green-room of that theatre.

Me. Macvey Napier, editor of the Edinburgh Review, Professor of Conveyancing in Edinburgh University, &c. &c., has been appointed one of the Principal Clerks of Session in Scotland, in the room of Mr. Rolland, who died a few days ago.