15 APRIL 1837, Page 12

Several Members of Parliament, and other gentlemen connected with Colonies

and Colonization, use engaged in forming an association to be called the COLONIAL SOCIETY, concerning which we have received the following particulars. The objects of the Society are, to provide means of intercourse, and of acquirieg information, to several classes of persons directly or indirectly connected with the Colonies,—such as colonists sojourning in England ; persons intending to emigrate; colo- nial ship-owners and merchants ; persons having friends or connexions in the Colonies ; owners of property in the Colonies and holders of colonial securities; civil, militaly, and naval officers, who have served in the Colonies ; and, lastly, public men wishing to be less ignorant of colonial affairs and interests than public men usually are. The quali- fication for membership is an annual subscription of twenty shillings. The funds of the Society are to be employed in maintaining large and commodious rooms, furnished with a complete colonial library, a col- lection of charts aud maps, and a regular supply of newspapers from each colony. It will be a sort of Colonial Club, or rather, a new and really useful Colonial Office, The project is so good, that it can hardly fail of success. A public meeting is contemplated, in order to explain the nature and objects of the Society. Aleannhile, temporary rooms have been taken at No. .53, Parliament Street ; where a Provisional Committee, of which Mr. Hun, M.P., is Chairman, sit daily, 10 af. ford information on the subject. The Society alleady comprises about thirty Members of the Legislature.