15 APRIL 1837, Page 13

A new play by SIIERIDAN KNOWLES, with the title of

Brian Boroihnie, is announced at Covent Garden for next week ; and a "comic farce "—we have had enough of serious farces here.—is played to-night.

We are also promised a new burletta at the Olympic, with LISTON as the principal character. The Ilaymaiket is the only theatre in London that is not now open. Moan's having vainly tried every means of success that people destitute of spirit and liberality can resort to, bus given up the attempt in despair, and consigned it to GEORGE RomNs for side. Roeiss's eloquerice not only bursts through the rules of sense and grammar, as usual, but is fain to find vent for his feelings in French upon this oc. rasiem.