15 APRIL 1837, Page 15


Tue second convert of this Society—which, in fact, consists of Messrs Mom and Foni:ES.—WaS on Monday night. It is a sort of second-rate Philharmonic, not bound down by the same laws, nor by any laws save the pleasure of the managers, and therefore tree to pre- sent to its subscribers a greater variety of vocal music. Much credit is often due to these gentlemen for the manner in which their concerts are got up, which sometimes afford the enjoyment of excellent music to those who seek it, and at a cheaper rate than the subscription to the Philharronic. Those who are accustomed to the precision and polish of that orchestra, will be impatient and often dissatisfied listeners at these concerts; but the performance is usually resptctable. The concert of Monday commenced with Seona's last Sinfonis, " The Influence of Music ;" a bold adventure for such a band, but not, on the whole, an unsuccessful one. Among the other instrumental pieces, was NEUKOMM.6 Septet ; which owed its principal atnaction to the skill of the performers. Mrs. .131snoe, Signora GIANNUNli and Signor Rums', were the singers ; the latter of whom sung 131.1.T110. VEN'S exquisite Cantata, " Adelsida,"—a composition which the rules of the Philharmonic Society do not allow to be performed !