15 APRIL 1837, Page 2

The Foreign intelligence this week is again very scanty. The

Paris papers supply nothing but rumours about the crise Minis- terielle, which is not yet over. Go MOT, MOLE, NIONTALIVET, and SouL-r, have each of them endeaveured to form a Cabinet accept- able both to the Chambers and the King, and have each failed. SOULT, THIERS, HUMANtS, and PASSY, resolved to enter the Cabinet together, if at all, and upon a Liberal policy foreign and domestic : Timms especially insisted upon a guarantee from the King, that he should be allowed to prevent the accession of CARLOS to the throne of Spain. The King treated the demand as a personal insult. GUIZOT absolutely implored THIERS to forget old differences, and join e ith hint in an attempt to form a Cabi- net. Tit IERS refused to desert his Liberal allies. It would seem that it TRIERS were out of the way, the King's difficulties would be much diminished; but he is too powerful to be excluded, and now too iiidependent to be admitted into the Cabinet with ealety to the selfish policy of Louis PHILIP.

The Chamber of Deputies met on Wednesday; hut the attend- ance of members was not sufficient to form a quorum.

There is some alarm for the tranquillity of Paris. On Tuesday, the streets were constantly patrolled by strong bodies of cavalry ; and many persons were art ested. The run on the savings banks

still continued, but was not so severe as it had been. Commer- cial distress was sprtading, and in the manufacturing towns mul- titudes were out of employ.

It is said that the Legitimists entertained the wise project of sending the Duke of Soaves. ox to the camp of Don Caamos, sod were only prevented by the fear of provoking Louts PHILIP to eruhil the Don and the Duke togethere—a very reasonable apprehension I