15 APRIL 1837, Page 9

tbt Ceurt.

trim death of Lady De L'Isle, the King's eldest daughter, which hap- pened on Monday at Kensington, has turned the Royal Palace of Windsor into a house of mourning. The Levee of Wednesday, the Drawing-room of Thursday, and the grand dinner to the Knights of the Bath which was to have been given at Windsor to-day, have all been postponed till the corresponding days of next week.

The Dutchess of Kent entertained a large party at dinner, at Ken- sington, on Wednesday. Most of his Majesty's Ministers were among the guests of her Royal Highness. The Dutchess of Gloucester had also a dinner-party, on Wednesday, to meet the Duke of Cambridge and the Princess Augusta.

The Dutchess of Kent has sent 1001, to the fund for the relief of the Spitalfields weavers, and ordered twenty-two silk dresses for her. self and the Princess Victoria. The Dutchess has also contributed 301. in the name of the Princess Victoria, for a plate to be called the Victoria Plate, at the Kingstown (near Dublin) races. This dona- tion seems to have raised Irish " loyalty " to a high pitch.