15 APRIL 1865, Page 20

Anthologia Latina. Edidit Franciscus St. John Thackeray, A.M. (Bell and

Daldy.)—Of the getting up of this volume we say all that can be said when we say that it is precisely similar to that of the same publishers' Elzevir series. It has often seemed strange, considering the popularity of books of "elegant extracts" from the English poets, and the extent to which Latin poetry is read in this country, that no one has composed a similar volume of extracts from the Latin poets. Of course school-books there are in plenty, but a book of beauties of Latin poetry for adult readers was, we believe, a want. Tuis Mr. Thackeray has admirably supplied. As to the extracts from the better- known classical authors, every one of course will complain of some omissions. Indeed extracts from a book you have read are not of much value, though necessary for completeness' sake. But Lucretius, Lucan, Statins, and Clandian can only b3 read in extracts by most people, and Mr. Thackeray has in this part of his work shown great judgment. Lncan especially is, we think, too much neglected by stu- dents of Latin literature.