15 APRIL 1865, Page 20

Debrett's Illustrated Buronetage and Knightage, 1865. (Dean and Son.) —There

are several improvements this year. The Irish and Scotch baronets have been added, as well as the lists of knights; also the Church patronage of the baronets. There is room, however, for more correction. Tho earl's coronet, p. xxiv, is given to the viscount, and on the pre- ceding page the viscount's to the earl. This is of course a printer's error. But surely the statement that our Ambassador at Madrid is a married man might mercifully be withdrawn. Whether Shirley Hall, Hants, is still the property of Sir Charles Rich we do not know, but it is hardly one of his "seats," as the park has long been sold or let on building leases, and the house itself is occupied by a clergyman who takes private pupils. Again, Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton is called the second baronet, and is said to have succeeded his father. If so, he is the third, for he is certainly the grandson of the great opponent of slavery. The second baronet was, we believe, Sir Edward North Buxton. We may have been unfortunate in our selection of tests, and some of these errors are minute, but in a work of this sort accuracy is very important.. It is, however, a nice, handy volume, and has been reduced this year to a reasonable price.