15 APRIL 1876, Page 15



SIR,—In your notice of "The Life of Lord Macaulay," on the 8th inst., you refer to Mr. Trevelyan's reticence in regard to Lord Macaulay's religious opinions. Will you allow me to point out that Mr. Trevelyan's book supplies Lord Macaulay's own answer to any inquiries on this subject. In answer to a question put to him at Leeds in 1832, Lord Macaulay said, "My answer is short, and-in. one word,—Gentlemen, I am a Christian." There is, I should think, not the slightest reason to suppose that from the brief and comprehensive declaration thus made Lord Macaulay [Of course we had not overlooked the passage referred to by our correspondent. What we referred to was more the deficiency in any description of the modes and attitudes of Lord Macaulay's mind on these subjects, than of the bare fact of his belief. But, as our correspondent will remember, we rather defended than blamed Mr. Trevelyan for this reticence.—ED. Spectator.]