15 APRIL 1876, Page 2

A telegram from Berlin in the Times states that Turkish

despatches have been published in Rome showing that in 1870 Count Andrassy expected war between Austria and Russia on the Eastern question, and told Khalil Bey that if war broke out, the northern and eastern sides of the Black Sea ought to be recon- quered by the Mussulmans from Russia, while Austria rebuilt independent Poland. The extracts given are sufficient, but the idea evidently was to secure to Turkey her old provinces, and especially the Crimea, and to resuscitate Poland, Austria receiving compensation, we presume, along the Danube. Turkey is too far gone now for such a plan, but if Count Andrassy really con- templates using Poland as a weapon, a struggle between Russia and Austria would be internecine, and Prince Bismarck would very soon be in the fray. It has always been said that he wished for a restored Poland, to make the rear of Germany more secure.