15 APRIL 1876, Page 24

Home Talks. By John Humfrey Noyes. Edited by Alfred Barron

and George Noyes Miller. (Oneida : published by the Community.. London : Triibner.)—This volume contains discourses delivered by the chief of the Oneida Community, taken down from his lips, and after- wards revised by the speaker. They are of a somewhat vague religions character, but often thoughtful, often even edifying. One might read many pages without finding out that the preacher was anything else than a Christian minister of what are called advanced views, and more than ordinary ability. Now and then we catch a glimpse of something else. "One might as well think of loving some particular tune, and no other, as to think of loving some particular woman to the exclusion of all others," an utterance interpreted further on, when we find it said that Marriage and Death are the two disintegrators of the Paradise of Home, and that the organisers that confront them are "Communism. and Resurrection." So the angel of light shows his cloven hoof.