15 APRIL 1916, Page 1

The article should be read in its entirety, but we

may quote the following example of its quality :—

" We can only win if we are convinced of victory in our innermost hearts. In this contest, where numbers and technical skill are so evenly matched, moral superiority is all-important. We have more than once had to fight a battle in which the end was so inconclusive that everything depended on which side felt that it was victorious, and acted in accordance with this belief. A small addition of will and nerve is often what brings the decision and inclines the contest in favour of those who have the stronger wilL And God knows a man needs all his nerve and will to bear what he has to face here. The writer who pens these words has had experience of the war in two hemispheres, and has taken part in battles on every front, but the intensity of the contest round Verdun is beyond his description, or anything that he has ever heard of. No picture, no comparison, can give any idea of the concentration of guns and shells which marks the battle on both sides."