15 APRIL 1916, Page 14


[To THE EDITOR OP TEl "SPECTATOR."] Srs,—In your review of Bigelow's Prussian Memories (Spectator, April 1st) I read the following : "In Prussia . . . the most powerful and efficient machine is employed to discourage the assertion of individual action or opinion, and to produce absolute mental uniformity. . . The individual is taken in hand from the cradle to the grave by an all-powerfid mechanism." I think the words written lately in & letter home by a Swiss boy, who happens to be in a school in Germany, aptly express the above passage. The boy writes : "In this school we are put like individual ooffee-beana into the top of the machine, and come out at the bottom ground to a common powder." I am an old woman, and take much comfort from reading the poets alternately with my constant perusal of the admirable articles in the Spectator.—I am, Sir, &o.,